+ Ours standard roll size is 10 sq ft. – 2 ft x 5 ft

+ We typically stack 600 sq ft. per pallet – 60 rolls

+ Our Sod is cut and delivered the same day

+ We deliver within 100 miles of Florida, NY 10921

+ All deliveries made with a portable lift truck


Seed Specs: Our seed is procured through National / Jersey Seed Company and

Jonathon Green Seed Company


Our best seller:

































Maintenance Tips upon installation:


+ Week 1 – Water for 1 hour per day.

+ Week 2 – Water 1 hour every other day

+ Follow week 1 guidelines for hot weather and water less during cool rainy weather

+ Mowing can begin after week 2 at a height of 3 inches.

+ Consult with your maintenance and mowing company for a fertilizer program.


Programs will vary based on subsoil conditions.



Kentucky Blue Grass – Athletic Blend

Strong – Thick – Disease Resistant – Durable for high traffic – Winter hardy


19.86% Everglade Kentucky Blue Grass

19.84% Nudestiny Kentucky Blue Grass

19.76% America Kentucky Blue Grass

19.76% Freedom III Kentucky Blue Grass

19.64% Princeton P-105 Kentucky Blue Grass

  1.14% Inert matter

Tall Fescue / Blue Grass - Blend

Great for wooded and shaded areas


29.78% Falcon IV Tall Fescue

29.72% Shenandoah II Tall Fescue

27.68% Shenandoah Elite Tall Fescue

11.8% Brooklawn Kentucky Blue Grass

0.94% Inert Matter


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